Woman on blue blossoms. 2015
Woman with purple scarf. 2015
Woman with champagne and hi-fi. 2015
Woman with blue morning glories. 2015
Woman reclining on purple. 2015
Woman with pink morning glories. 2015
Blonde on rose. 2015
Blonde on yellow. 2015
Blonde on blue. 2015
Blonde on grey. 2015
Three ladies in lilac and lavender. 2014
Woman on a rope ladder. 2013
Woman in purple shoes. 2013
Woman with blue draping. 2013
Donna Mae 'Busty' Brown & friend. 2013
Two girls with open drawers. 2013
Woman with a chartreuse shawl. 2013
Girl with a pink cushion. 2013
Woman holding a peridot necklace. 2013
Woman standing on a rug. 2013
Girl with garnets looking into the distance. 2013
Woman seated on a blue and gold cushion. 2013
Woman with long brown hair. 2013
Woman reclining on turquoise chaise longue. 2013
Girl in green floral dress. 2013
Woman in stole and stockings. 2013
Girl in mirror. 2013
Woman in cherry shoes. 2013
Debbie Westmore #2. 2013
Girls in blue. 2013
Girl with bracelet. 2013
Seated woman. 2012
Debbie Westmore #1. 2012
Two girls with a bundle of branches. 2012
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